Georgia Port Tax Credit: A Guide for Businesses

Georgia Port Tax Credit: A Guide for Businesses

July 11, 20243 min read

What is the Georgia Port Activity Credit?

The Georgia Port Activity Credit is a valuable, yet often overlooked, tax incentive available to businesses operating in Georgia. This credit is designed to encourage companies to increase their import and export activities through Georgia's ports. By doing so, businesses can significantly reduce their tax liabilities, thereby freeing up resources for further growth and investment.

How the Georgia Port Activity Credit Works

To qualify for the Georgia Port Activity Credit, your business must meet two primary criteria:

  1. Eligibility for Existing Tax Credits: Your business must first qualify for either the Georgia Job Tax Credit (JTC) or the Georgia Investment Tax Credit (ITC). The JTC rewards businesses for creating jobs, while the ITC incentivizes investment in manufacturing and telecommunications facilities.

  2. Increased Port Activity: Your business must demonstrate a minimum 10% increase in import or export activity through Georgia's ports compared to the previous tax year.

Specific Requirements

  • Base Year Port Traffic: Your business must have had at least 75 tons, 5 containers, or 10 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) of cargo in the base year.

  • Bonus Calculation for Job Tax Credits: Eligible businesses receive an additional $1,250 per job, per year, for up to five years. This is added to the existing Job Tax Credit.

  • Bonus Calculation for Investment Tax Credits: Eligible businesses can claim up to an additional 5% of their investment as a credit. For certain expenses, like pollution control, this credit can increase to 8%.

Benefits of the Georgia Port Activity Credit

The Georgia Port Activity Credit offers multiple advantages:

  • Reduced Tax Liability: The bonus credits can offset up to 50% of your corporate income tax liability.

  • Increased Investment: The savings on taxes can be reinvested into the business, facilitating expansion, new equipment purchases, or other growth initiatives.

  • Competitive Edge: Lower operational costs can help your business offer competitive pricing or improve overall efficiency.

  • Economic Contribution: By increasing your import and export activities, you help stimulate Georgia's logistics and trade sectors, contributing to the state's economic growth.

Real-World Example

Consider a manufacturing company that imported 1,200 TEUs through the Port of Savannah in 2022 and increased this volume to 1,400 TEUs in 2023. If this company qualifies for the Job Tax Credit, it could receive an additional $1,250 per job. For 50 new jobs, this would amount to a $62,500 bonus credit on top of the existing $150,000 Job Tax Credit.

If the same company is located in a Tier 4 county and invests $10 million in a manufacturing facility, including $1 million for pollution control, the standard Investment Tax Credit might be calculated at $120,000. However, with the Port Activity Credit, this could increase to $530,000, a significant boost in tax savings.

Maximizing Your Tax Credit Opportunities with Arc Tax

Navigating the complexities of the Georgia Port Activity Credit can be challenging. At Arc Tax, our team of experts is here to help. We have a deep understanding of Georgia’s tax incentives and can guide you through the process to ensure you maximize your benefits. Whether you are looking to claim the Job Tax Credit, the Investment Tax Credit, or the Port Activity Credit, we provide the expertise you need to take full advantage of these opportunities.


The Georgia Port Activity Credit is a powerful tool for businesses looking to reduce their tax burdens while contributing to the state’s economic growth. By partnering with Arc Tax, you can ensure that you not only meet the eligibility requirements but also maximize the benefits of this and other tax incentives. Let us help you navigate the complexities and unlock substantial tax savings for your business.

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